We can say – without a word of a lie! – that you and ‘the boys’ were the best lot of builders we’ve ever had. And not only because of the work they did – which is absolutely marvellous – but also because they were all so friendly, tidy and polite – every single one of them!

Marion and Mike Blocsome

Roofing and flatroofing

Our tradesmen are experienced in repairing and replacing all roof types (e.g. slate; tiles; flat roofing).

Most residential flat roofs are straightforward rectangles.  The roof is covered by a single sheet of EPDM rubber.  The advantage of the absence of seams is that the roof installed is completely waterproof.  EPDM rubber is UV and ozone stable, therefore it never deteriorates.  Unlike static roofing installation systems, rubber roofing remains flexible, and has the ability to move with the building.  A 50 year guarantee is provided by Firestone for the rubber roofing product.


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